Tired of paying rent and someone else’s mortgage?

Landlord raising rent each year?

Ready to build your equity, take advantage of low interest rates and grow your wealth through home ownership?

Don’t let a lease keep you from a GREAT deal on a new house because your lease isn’t up yet! Call or text 832-841-0088 today to discuss this amazing lease buyout assistance program, enabling us to assist you in buying out your lease and getting you into a new construction home.

Our simple and easy process starts with a review of your lease, helping you qualify for a home loan, and determine the amount of buyout assistance to help you purchase your new home!

Basic Eligibility Requirements

  1. Must be currently leasing an apartment, house or condo.
  2. Must allow us to represent you on the purchase of the new construction home from a builder.
  3. Lease buyer assistance must not exceed the commission from the purchase of the new home.

*conditions apply